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In case you missed it, M Corp is now 11:59. Our rebranding initiative was brought about because of a need for total business transformation. As a company, our new vision is to make the art of the possible real for ourselves and our clients. We wanted to continue to look to the future as an organization and remind our clients that we have our finger on the pulse of emerging technology.   

For months, the marketing team worked to nail down our new messaging framework, visual brand identity, and, ultimately, a new company name. After all this work came the exciting yet crucial part of our rebranding initiative: getting our employees' buy-in. This often-overlooked step in any business transformation can make the difference between your organization fully adopting the change or your initiative being a failure before it's even implemented.   

These were our priorities for the brand roll-out:    

  • Create excitement and pride within our employees about the rebranding initiative  
  • Innovatively engage our employees beyond just a Teams meeting  
  • Walk the walk of making the "art of the possible" real   

With these requirements in mind, we came across Party.Space. Party.Space is a technology company that creates corporate events and parties in the Metaverse. They believe that just because your employees are remote doesn't mean you can't engage with them meaningfully. After our first demo with Party.Space, we knew we had to bring this to our whole team.   

We were assigned an Event Coordinator who helped us bring our ideas to life within the Metaverse, making this event unique and memorable for our whole company. Party.Space has many capabilities that allow you to make your experience your own. We chose to have a formal setting for our presentation and announcement portion of the internal brand launch. We also created a rooftop bar afterparty environment where folks could mingle, play trivia, and engage with the branded materials we made for our Metaverse environment.   

Our internal brand launch ended up being a huge success. Our team used Party.Space's engagement tools to their fullest capacity to interact with each other and our new brand. We had an unprecedented number of employees take to social media to share their excitement about the Metaverse party and our new brand, which created even more buzz for our upcoming external brand launch. And for the first time since Covid, our team of entirely remote workers felt like we were in the same room, celebrating the start of something new.  

Thomas Beyer, 11:59's President and COO, said, "Our remote work environment makes it difficult to feel the same sense of community we felt when we were all together. Leveraging Party.Space and the Metaverse brought that sense of community back in a fun way. Interacting with each other as avatars was a new experience for many of us and it made our brand launch not only fun, but it reaffirmed our vision and objectives to deliver the Art of the Possible."   

People want to feel a part of something. We wanted our employees to feel like they had some ownership over this new brand because we wouldn't be here without them. Investing in this exciting technology was one of the best decisions we made for our rebranding initiative, and we can't wait to host more events in the Metaverse very soon.   

Party.Space is an organization based in the Ukraine, and working with them made us realize how small the world really is. Upon completion of this project, 11:59 made a contribution to the efforts in Ukraine in honor of Party.Space. 

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Maggie McClurkin
Post by Maggie McClurkin
June 28, 2023
As a Marketing Manager, Maggie played an integral role in 11:59's business transformation and rebranding effort. She has vast experience in B2B and technology marketing across various channels.