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M Corp Rebrands as 11:59 to Relaunch Firm as Digital Transformation Powerhouse

Focused on The Art of the Possible, New Executives Join the Firm 

Inspired by a new strategic vision and two decades of client success stories, M Corp has rebranded as 11:59 as the Sacramento-based firm brings on key executives focused on digital transformation for client organizations. Co-founded by Alex Castro and Chuck Czajkowski, the firm is shifting focus away from the traditional consulting model in a way that helps forward-thinking public and commercial sector clients unlock their full potential.  Thomas Beyer, a former Deloitte Partner and KPMG’s Global Head of Digital Transformation, now serves as President and Chief Operating Officer leading the transition, including expanding the leadership team and service offerings, and the launch of an innovation lab.

“At 11:59, our vision and mission are to advise our clients on The Art of the Possible in digital transformation,” said Co-Founder and CEO Alex Castro. “Our new brand reflects our commitment to helping organizations bring the future into focus by leveraging today’s technologies with a firm grasp on the ever-changing landscape.  We are perpetually a moment away from what’s next, which requires imagination and discipline, a position that helps our clients thrive.” 

“We are excited to announce our dynamic leadership team that will take the firm to the next level,” Castro continued.  

Since November, as part of its evolution and rebranding initiative, the firm has hired several new executives from top consulting firms that all share a common vision of focusing on helping clients’ reach their true potential by leveraging the Art of the Possible in digital transformation.  This will create a path to meaningful modernization for forward-looking public agencies and companies. (See profiles below.) 

“There are so many digital capabilities available today, but too many digital transformation efforts remain untouched by what is the Art of the Possible. Capabilities like cognitive services are ready for prime time and yet, many clients continue to implement decade-old technologies,” said 11:59 President and Chief Operating Officer Thomas Beyer. “We want to stay true to what’s possible today and focus on the application of modern digital capabilities for our clients while employing an agile talent model that embraces the technologies of today and tomorrow.” 

 With a special emphasis on artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, and the rapid emergence of Web3, the transformation includes plans for an innovation lab, called 11:59 Labs, to focus on emerging technologies that show promise for enabling significant disruption across industries and businesses.  

Many marvel at new technology but can’t figure out what to do with it. Applying available digital capabilities requires creative minds, an appreciation for disruption, and a desire to design new business models. It takes more than masses of developers and process modelers to get the most out of today’s digital advancements. Our curiosity is the fuel that drives us to generate the biggest impact possible for our clients,” Beyer continued. 

The philosophy behind the company’s transformation arises from its 20-year history of working with public and commercial sector clients in California and across the nation.  Driven by curiosity and a commitment to help organizations modernize and prepare for the future, 11:59 advises clients on their true potential, despite today’s inherent difficulty in keeping up with new emerging trends and digital platforms. 

“We are building on a strong foundation that our clients have grown to trust and depend upon in the most adverse of circumstances,” said Co-Founder Chuck Czajkowski.  “More than ever, we are prepared to help our existing clients achieve success in new ways with cutting-edge technologies.” 

 “Our team of experienced leaders brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, working together to guide our organization towards its goals while helping our clients achieve their own,” Czajkowski continued. 

Over the years, the firm has worked on mission-critical projects for agencies supporting programs in public health, unemployment services, and natural resources, among others. Originally launched in 2003, it has earned a reputation as a reliable partner and respected company in California and across the nation. The firm currently employs more than 100 team members located across the U.S.   

11:59 Executive Team Profiles

Alex Castro  
As 11:59’s Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Alex personifies the core values of commitment, integrity, collaboration, curiosity, and respect through his hard-working and supportive nature. For over 30 years, he has pushed the art of the possible in data management. From making better decisions, outlined in his best-selling book Measure, Execute, Win!, to the role of automation in today’s world, Alex is adept at communicating how advances in AI will drive the future of digital transformation. 

 Chuck Czajkowski  
As Co-Founder of 11:59, Chuck works closely with clients to find ways to redirect their focus from technology to business solutions and outcomes. By applying modern tools and approaches to digital solutions, Chuck and his team help companies and state agencies transform into better versions of themselves. With a proven track record working with government officials to leading high-performance organizations for nearly two decades, Chuck primarily focuses on helping those facing crises, high demand, and mission-critical projects. Chuck has earned himself and 11:59 the reputation of being a reliable and respected ally. 

 Thomas Beyer  
As 11:59’s President & Chief Operating Officer, Thomas leads all aspects of the business. Thomas is a visionary technology consulting executive with 25 years of global experience who is adept at translating innovative concepts into reality for clients. He employs a hands-on approach when it comes to making bold, calculated market plays that fuel mission and customer success, and is a respected thought leader on emerging technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), and Web3 and the Metaverse for Government.  

Prior to 11:59, Thomas served as KPMG’s Global Head for Digital Transformation for Government & Healthcare and Deloitte’s AI Strategic Growth Leader and AI & Analytics practice leader for the Deloitte Public Sector business.  

 Jim McGinn  
As 11:59’s Chief Technology Officer, Jim is responsible for the technical direction and investments, solution development, staff development and training, technology go-to-market strategy, client delivery, and implementation services encompassing Cloud, Cybersecurity, Application Development, Data Analytics and Cognitive AI/ML. Jim loves nothing more than leading clients on their technology journeys and guiding teams who are highly motivated to build innovative cloud- based solutions. Jim has the experience and passion to build and develop the next generation of technology talent.  

 Prior to 11:59, Jim served in technology leadership roles at Arthur Andersen, Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte, Genpact and helped build several small/mid-size Technology Consulting businesses including Blue Canopy, which was acquired by Jacobs in part due to its technology capabilities.  

 Tom Larson  
As 11:59’s Chief Client Service Officer, Tom works closely with each of our clients to understand their needs and ensure the best possible experience. Tom is an exceptional leader, managing multiple teams responsible for numerous projects. He plays a key role in developing and maintaining client relationships, identifying new business opportunities, and ensuring that the company delivers the highest quality service to our clients.  

Prior to 11:59, Tom was a Vice President at Gartner responsible for managing Public Sector client benchmark engagements in the US and Canada, developing client relationships and delivering data analytical results for IT Consulting.  

David Lindstrom  
As 11:59’s Chief Innovation Officer, David leads our R&D efforts around emerging technology and conducts client workshops focused on education of the latest technology trends and how they can be leveraged to unlock new business value. He leads the collaboration across 11:59’s practice areas to ensure we maintain a future-friendly perspective on the solutions delivered to our clients. One of David’s key goals for 11:59 is to develop and foster an internal culture of curiosity and excitement around innovation and emerging tech.  

Previously, David spent 11 years at Deloitte Digital, where he led digital transformations for public and private sector clients and spearheaded the development of proprietary market-facing solutions.  

Mary Ludloff  
As 11:59’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mary’s primary focus is to shape 11:59’s brand and identity, ensuring the company vision is accurately and effectively communicated across all channels. Additionally, Mary plays an active role in driving the company’s growth initiatives by seeking out opportunities to promote 11:59’s services while aligning all marketing efforts with the company’s overall strategic objectives.  

Prior to 11:59, Mary held several executive leadership positions across a range of technology sectors, including VP of Business Development and Communications at AppSheet and Head of Marketing for Google Cloud AppSheet.   

Alison Moye  
As 11:59’s Chief Transformation Officer, Alison spearheads the organization's adoption and integration of new digital technologies and business models, driving growth and innovation while ensuring these changes are aligned with the firm's overall strategies. With extensive experience in management consulting, she has guided companies within the commercial, non-profit, and government arenas through technology transformations of all kinds. While each brought unique challenges within the areas of people, process, and technology, her organization and tenacity served as a unifier to drive success.  

Prior to 11:59, Alison spent 20+ years in consulting and management across Arthur Andersen, KPMG Consulting/BearingPoint, and Booz Allen Hamilton.  

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