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At 11:59, we are all about unlocking our clients’ true potential by embracing the art of the possible. We do this by leveraging the tech that is available today while keeping sight of the possibilities of tomorrow.  

We have the same philosophy regarding ourselves. Internally, we use available technology to better understand how our clients could leverage it. In other words, we walk the talk. This post is a case study showcasing the role ChatGPT played in our rebranding journey. 

But first, a bit of context for you. In December 2022, we made the decision to rebrand our company. We started the process by going into stealth mode—taking down our old website and replacing it with a simple stealth landing page that briefly outlined the transformation journey we were embarking on. The marketing aspect of the rebrand was extensive: 

  1. We started by building a message platform that defined our new vision, mission, and values.  
  2. We changed the company’s name to align with our message platform and then embarked on a complete redesign of all our marketing assets, starting with our company website. 
  3. Last but not least, we developed new content that aligned with our message platform. To put this in context, we did not revise existing copy. We started from scratch and wrote new copy to address every aspect of our business. 

From start to finish, this took four and a half months. A rebrand of this magnitude can take anywhere from eight to twelve months. And yet, a small but mighty marketing team of six (including myself) was able to accomplish this herculean effort within a much tighter timeframe. 

How did we do it? By embracing the art of the possible in the form of ChatGPT. In case you missed it, ChatGPT was “released” in late November of 2022. It took the world by storm—attracting over one million users in just five days. Ordinary folks from all walks of life “played” with it.  

What is ChatGPT? (As explained by ChatGPT!) 

ChatGPT is an advanced AI language model developed by OpenAI. It generates coherent and contextually appropriate text, making it an ideal writing assistant for various tasks, from drafting marketing copy to creating engaging blog posts.

From a content creation perspective, ChatGPT was a game changer. We were producing microcopy for all our site pages, which can be an arduous process as you work to distill ideas down to their simplest form. Creating microcopy can often take much longer than longer-form content, and we were operating under very tight deadlines. 

Developing content at scale is a demanding process. When you hit the proverbial writing wall, you can spend hours (or days) trying to figure out what to do. Imagine being able to go through that process in less than an hour. 

Enter ChatGPT. It served as a writing assistant, producing copy on demand. We used it to generate headlines, word choice, and body content ideas. It helped to shorten our draft cycles, and we were able to engage in rapid iterations as we worked to crystallize ideas. ChatGPT was the productivity boost we needed to meet our deadlines. 

Did ChatGPT replace the writing process? No. Much of the content it produced was either “thrown away,” extensively revised, or sent us down a different path as it sparked a new idea. But it made the process much faster. 

Case in point: this post. I provided ChatGPT with an outline of what I wanted to cover, and it produced a draft. From there, I reorganized my points and completely rewrote the draft—leaving just a few ChatGPT phrases here and there. In this case, it helped to consolidate my thoughts, and I was off to the races. From start to finish, the entire process took less than two hours. 

Today there are ChatGPT cheat sheets, AI “writers” for producing marketing content, and services like HubSpot’s AI Campaign Assistant that can generate copy for landing pages, emails, and ads. (Remember this version of ChatGPT was released in late November of 2022!) 11:59 Labs, our innovation hub, is also looking at how to integrate GenAI in systems and workflows for internal and external use. But more on that in another post. 

AI will not replace us, but those who use AI effectively just might. So, embrace the art of the possible, play with the tech, and discover how it can assist you in achieving extraordinary results. To my team, ChatGPT might well be the greatest writing assistant of all time—it never gets tired, cranky, or has writer’s block and is available 24/7 to answer any query in under a minute. Our rebrand was a much smoother undertaking because of it! 

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Mary Ludloff
Post by Mary Ludloff
July 14, 2023
As 11:59’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mary’s primary focus is to shape 11:59’s brand and identity, ensuring the company vision is accurately and effectively communicated across all channels. Additionally, Mary plays an active role in driving the company’s growth initiatives by seeking out opportunities to promote 11:59’s services while aligning all marketing efforts with the company’s overall strategic objectives.