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Last month, at 11:59, the team embarked on an exciting journey of creative exploration and team building. Our October team building meeting was not just a routine gathering but a celebration of 11:59's unique vision and culture. With an invitation to flex our creative muscles and a gift card to support the cause, we delved into various art projects, each reflecting our perspectives on the company's ethos. 

Among the vibrant submissions, one stood out for its magnificent representation of 11:59’s spirit: a tie-dye masterpiece that won our Vision/Culture Creativity Contest. We had the pleasure of speaking with Hannah Hammerbach, the artist behind this creation, whose insights provide a deeper understanding of what makes 11:59 a special place to work. 

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The Inspiration Behind the Art 

When asked about the inspiration for her artwork, Hannah shared, "At 11:59, we are an amalgamation of many backgrounds. Our signature colors – orange and teal – don't necessarily 'match,' but they complement each other. That's what our culture is about! We combine our unique ideas and experiences to move forward. My artwork, focusing on our colors, encapsulates the beauty achieved when contrasting elements work together." 

The Choice of Medium: Tie-Dye 

She chose tie-dye, a medium known for its unpredictability and vibrancy. "Tie-dye is fun and artistic, never leaving you with the same results twice," she explained. This medium perfectly symbolizes the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of 11:59. 

Representing Transformation 

 Hannah specifically chose the tie-dye pattern to represent the transformation of 11:59. "The colors fade and darken, creating a bursting effect," Hannah noted, symbolizing the company's readiness for the future. 

Motivation for Participation 

For our winner, the motivation to share her art was rooted in the value of collaboration. "As remote workers, it’s easy to feel isolated. Sharing human experiences helps us connect and learn new things about each other," she reflected. 

Advice to Colleagues 

Hannah’s advice to her colleagues is to embrace and share their creativity. "Get out there and play with your creativity. It’s not about being 'good at it'; it’s about doing it and sharing. We’re better when we work together!" 

Through this contest, 11:59 has celebrated its unique culture and fostered a sense of community and collaboration among its team members. The tie-dye artwork is a testament to our ethos of blending diverse elements to create something beautiful - a fitting metaphor for our company as we continue to innovate and grow. 


Alexa Davis
Post by Alexa Davis
November 13, 2023
Alexa Davis is the go-to communications person at 11:59. With her background in digital anthropology, she's passionate about understanding how tech and people mesh. Alexa's all about getting curious, asking questions, diving deep into the tech world, and then breaking it down into content that everyone following 11:59 can connect with. Basically, she takes the techy stuff and makes it relatable. Simple as that!