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Transformational change is hard. If the change is personal, it takes focused effort and much determination. At work, we might be trying to leverage large volumes of legacy data in different systems that don't talk to each other today to make better decisions or harness the exponentially growing power of AI to stay competitive. Whatever the change, there is one thing that all change has in common: there is more chance of success when you have an accountability partner. 11:59 is here to help. 

When going through a transformation, it is easy to want to throw the latest and greatest tech at the problem and hope that it will solve it. However, technology is only part of a successful transformation outcome. It's important to remember that transformations are solutions designed to aid people, and the tech must be directed toward problem-solving rather than simply automating processes. 

A McKinsey Global Survey on transformational change reported that only 26% of respondents believed their transformations were successful. Failure would be rare if it were as simple as following a formula. Organizations and their consulting partners could follow the "recipe" and produce a consistent output. Digging deeper into the McKinsey study and best practices from the Project Management Institute reveals a crucial missing ingredient: humans.  

So, how do we leverage humans at 11:59 to achieve successful outcomes? That's where our Business Transformation practice comes in—we focus on specific enabling areas, such as business analysis, organizational change management, and more, that allow sizeable digital transformation efforts to be successful. 

The customer-focused side of the work is the true heart of Business Transformation. We focus on developing key elements in our employees and teams, like program and project management, business analysis, and business readiness, so that our client transformations are successful. 

While it may seem elementary, gathering accurate business requirements and creating a realistic project schedule is crucial for a company to achieve its overall transformation goals. Our team helps companies identify and establish their transformation goals. Each goal includes the "how" and the "why," both crucial elements in shaping the technology solution. Understanding and communicating the "why" is critical for successfully implementing any technical solution. 

Consider the growing threat of cybersecurity breaches in our digital world. A robust cybersecurity plan includes technical, governance, and operational elements. However, one of the most significant risk areas is phishing attacks, which account for 90% of the breaches today. While there are many technical solutions and products that can mitigate this threat, at the end of the day, when the dangerous email bypasses these defenses, you must rely on your employees and their understanding of the threat not to engage. This is why understanding "the why" behind a project is imperative. 

Now, what happens if an attack does breach your safeguards? How will you tell your employees they cannot use their company-provided computers in a remote workforce world? Our Business Transformation team examines and plans for these kinds of issues. 

Business Transformation goes beyond helping people be successful; we focus on building trust. Typically, organizations engage consulting firms when they need help to complete a transformation. We can offer skills not available in-house, backed by extensive experience addressing challenges across different environments and industries. Our role is that of a trusted supporting cast dedicated to completing the mission and ensuring our clients' success.  

Often, these projects are challenging and stressful, with resistance to change from within the organization. In cases like this, 11:59's ability to build trust as a true partner is essential.     

Everyone prefers collaborating with individuals they trust and respect. At 11:59, we prioritize understanding our client's business, challenges, and hopes for a successful transformation. We are committed to working closely with them to ensure their success, focusing on the human aspect of transformative change to help clients reach their goals and unlock the art of the possible. 

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." – Maya Angelou 

Reflecting on Maya Angelou's profound words, we aim to be more than contributors to transformational success; we endeavor to be partners. Our team strives to infuse trust and, yes, even enjoyment into the most challenging situations and projects. I always think about my favorite clients and projects, and I hope you will think of 11:59 the same way. 

So I have one last question: Are you ready for tomorrow? 

Alison Moye
Post by Alison Moye
November 17, 2023
As 11:59’s Chief Transformation Officer, Alison spearheads the organization’s adoption and integration of new digital technologies and business models, driving growth and innovation while ensuring these changes are aligned with the firm’s overall strategies. With extensive experience in management consulting, she has guided companies within the commercial, nonprofit, and government arenas through technology transformations of all kinds. While each brought unique challenges within the areas of people, process, and technology, her organizational skills and tenacity served as a unifier to drive success. Prior to 11:59, Alison spent 20+ years in consulting and management across Arthur Andersen, KPMG Consulting/BearingPoint, and Booz Allen Hamilton.