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SACRAMENTO, Calif.--()--11:59 today announced the launch of Zero In, a GenAI Accelerator that propels businesses into the future. Zero In is an extension of the recently announced GenAI Accelerator Program for Business, which emphasizes rapid experimentation, learning from errors, and swift iteration to develop a minimum viable product.

The transformative impact of GenAI on enterprises leveraging it has been proven by analyst research, media reports, and countless case studies that underscore its potential to reduce costs, improve decision-making, and, ultimately, gain a competitive edge. However, despite recognizing GenAI implementation as a critical priority, most organizations remain stuck, unable to progress beyond the idea stage to kickstart their GenAI journey.

“There continues to be a significant amount of discussion surrounding GenAI, particularly regarding its challenges, which makes it difficult for companies to cut through the noise. An entire advisory industry has emerged, focused on highlighting how to think about GenAI, consider its challenges, and explore possible ways to plan for it. While there’s a considerable amount of conversation, there is a noticeable lack of action,” said 11:59 CEO Thomas Beyer. “Zero In is all about action—it is a GenAI solution builder.”

Zero In provides a robust foundation for GenAI solution development, offering enterprises advanced Knowledge Retrieval capabilities to extract insights from vast amounts of their own unstructured data with significantly improved accuracy and relevance. A key challenge in GenAI, and a crucial concern for businesses, is preserving accuracy and relevance. Zero In tackles this challenge with its proprietary boosting techniques, offering a substantial 23% increase in accuracy and a 27% boost in relevance compared to standard foundational models. This significant improvement in content quality equips businesses with what they need to gain better insights for informed decision-making.

The GenAI development process occurs in a secure environment, with various options for private LLM hosting if required. Additionally, Zero In streamlines data management by automating Extract, Transform, and Load operations through finely tuned Large Language Models (LLM), eliminating labor-intensive data tagging and form recognition processes.

For the advanced GenAI user, Zero In can be equipped with knowledge graph capabilities that enhance insights by enabling the connection of people, places, and things within the extensive body of unstructured data. The proprietary 11:59 Graph Generation LLM simplifies and significantly accelerates the typically time-consuming process of building graphs, resulting in shorter time-to-insights.

“Zero In is a low-risk, low-cost on-ramp to GenAI that addresses three critical areas for business success: it is fast, secure, and accurate. My advice to clients is simple: start testing your ideas on a scalable platform instead of continuing to talk about what might be possible. Once you’ve deployed a pilot or two, you will become more confident in your ability to unlock the long-term value of GenAI within your organization,” stated 11:59 Chief Innovation Officer David Lindstrom. “Organizations of any size can start building out use cases on Zero In. It’s time to stop talking and start doing—and Zero In is the perfect starting point for your GenAI journey.”

For businesses wanting to know more about Zero In, go here. To register for the 2-week free trial of Zero In, go here.

About 11:59

11:59 is a consulting firm specializing in applied AI and the services, resources, and technology that enable the delivery and ongoing support of custom GenAI solutions. With a focus on rapidly solving real-world problems while driving positive business outcomes, the company leverages GenAI to build custom solutions in considerably less time and at a lower cost than traditional consulting engagements.


Mary Ludloff
Chief Marketing Officer

Post by 11:59
March 27, 2024
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