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SACRAMENTO, Calif.--11:59 today announced the launch of its GenAI Accelerator for Business Program, designed to empower businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of GenAI technology.

In the spirit of the fail-fast philosophy embraced by startups, the program emphasizes rapid experimentation, learning from small failures, and quick iteration to develop a minimum viable product. This approach ensures an easy on-ramp to experimentation through Zero In, 11:59’s GenAI Accelerator platform.

As research has shown, GenAI is poised to become a game changer for businesses that embrace it. The technology is evolving rapidly, compelling businesses to embark on their GenAI journey now or risk extinction. However, this is not an easy proposition as GenAI adoption comes with its share of challenges, including technical skills gaps, reliability concerns, and data security risks.

“This is precisely why we launched the GenAI Accelerator program—to ensure our clients quickly experience the power of GenAI by applying impactful use cases to their business operations,” said 11:59 CEO Thomas Beyer. “In a remarkably short time, ChatGPT and other conversational AI technologies have transformed individuals’ experiences. We intend to do the same for businesses. When it comes to GenAI, all businesses should operate like startups—prioritizing experimentation and rapid iteration as the guiding philosophy to accelerate time to value.”

The program integrates the expertise, tools, and infrastructure needed to rapidly build GenAI solutions for clients while mitigating the associated risks whenever warranted. It also offers three-focused workshops—covering key GenAI concepts, from addressing requirements development to building a proof of concept.

“The GenAI Accelerator program is tailored to assist clients at any stage of their GenAI journey,” said David Lindstrom, Chief Innovation Officer, and Applied AI Practice Leader. “Some start with workshops, then develop a use case and launch a pilot on Zero In. Others may integrate known use cases or other AI technology. Regardless, the goal is to ideate, launch, and deploy GenAI solutions within four to six weeks. By adopting a fail-fast mentality, clients rapidly experiment and learn from mistakes as they leverage GenAI to transform their business. Start small, move fast, learn as you go. The GenAI clock is ticking. It’s time to take action.”

As part of the GenAI Accelerator Program for Business launch, 11:59’s company domain is now “The domain change reflects our ongoing commitment to applied AI. No matter the industry, every company and organization should integrate GenAI into their business processes. The time is now, the tech is ready, and the benefits are undeniable. Our program is an ideal way to start your GenAI journey,” said Beyer.

For businesses wanting to know more about the GenAI Accelerator program, go here. To learn more about our GenAI workshop series, go here.

About 11:59

11:59 is a consulting firm specializing in applied AI and the services, resources, and technology that enables the delivery and ongoing support of custom GenAI solutions. With a focus on rapidly solving real-world problems while driving positive business outcomes, the company leverages GenAI to build custom solutions in considerably less time and at a lower cost than traditional consulting engagements.

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February 21, 2024
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