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A Journey of Strategic Evolution, Technological Empowerment, and Innovation

About Allmoxy, LLC

Allmoxy, LLC, the leading provider of enterprise business management software for the commercial woodworking, cabinetry, and closet industry, has always been at the forefront of innovation and customer satisfaction. With a robust commitment to driving business growth and efficiency, Allmoxy serves hundreds of enterprise customers across North America, managing their operations seamlessly.

“Our transition to AWS with the guidance of 11:59 not only modernized our infrastructure but also positioned us to embrace future technological advancements with ease.” —Jake Astle, CTO, Allmoxy, LLC

The Challenge

The scalability and reliability of Allmoxy's aging on-premises monolithic application became a critical bottleneck, hindering the company's growth and impacting service reliability. The need for a modern infrastructure that could effectively scale and ensure uptime was paramount, as the existing system's frequent and prolonged downtime and lack of observability, disaster recovery, and deployment capabilities increasingly became a concern.

Why Amazon Web Services

Choosing AWS for its migration and modernization efforts was driven by the need for a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solution. AWS's extensive suite of services provided the flexibility and scalability required to meet Allmoxy's current and future needs. Partnering with 11:59, renowned for its expertise in migration and modernization, marked a pivotal moment in Allmoxy’s strategy to redefine its technological and operational paradigms.

“Our existing infrastructure was holding us back, and we knew we needed a scalable, cloud-based solution. AWS and 11:59 offered the expertise and technology stack we needed to revolutionize our application architecture,” said Jake Astle, CTO, Allmoxy, LLC.

Comprehensive Solution Deployment

Migration to AWS: A Strategic Approach

Phase 1: Comprehensive Assessment and Planning - A detailed evaluation of Allmoxy's existing infrastructure to ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruption. This foundational phase was critical for understanding the scope of migration and aligning it with Allmoxy's business objectives. 

Phase 2: Cloud Environment Structuring with AWS Organizations - Implementation of AWS Organizations facilitated a structured and secure cloud environment, categorizing resources into development, testing, and production, thus enhancing management efficiency and security across Allmoxy's cloud infrastructure.

Phase 3: Performance Optimization through Amazon EC2 and Amazon Aurora MySQL - Adoption of Amazon EC2 instances equipped with auto-scaling and rightsizing capabilities significantly improved performance and cost efficiency. Furthermore, the migration of databases to Amazon Aurora MySQL on AWS Graviton processors yielded a 30% reduction in operational costs, demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of cloud scalability.

Serverless Modernization: Redefining Efficiency

The application's backend underwent a transformation to a serverless architecture, markedly enhancing scalability and reducing operational overhead. Key components included:

  • AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway for developing a highly scalable, serverless API, eliminating the need for server management and scaling resources automatically to match demand.
  • Amazon Cognito and AWS CloudFront integration, which bolstered security and facilitated global content delivery with lower latency, ensuring a secure and seamless user experience.
  • Deployment Automation leveraging AWS CloudWatch for comprehensive monitoring and AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) for defining cloud infrastructure using familiar programming languages, thereby automating deployment processes and ensuring reliability.

Generative AI Integration: Unlocking New Potentials

Capitalizing on the modernized infrastructure, Allmoxy harnessed AWS Generative AI services to extract actionable insights from customer data, significantly impacting operational efficiencies and strategic decisions. Key initiatives included:

  • Amazon Bedrock and other AWS Generative AI services were pivotal in enabling features like material waste reduction and optimizing shipping costs, thus offering a distinct competitive advantage, and contributing to sustainability.

Transformational Outcomes

The strategic partnership and robust solution architecture facilitated by 11:59 and AWS propelled Allmoxy towards achieving:

  • Scalability and Reliability Enhanced: Migrating to AWS significantly minimized downtime, from 36 hours annually to less than 30 minutes, bolstering customer trust and service reliability.
  • Operational Costs Drastically Reduced: The strategic move to serverless technologies and database optimization on AWS translated into substantial cost savings and operational efficiency.
  • Innovation and Competitive Advantage: The integration of AWS Generative AI services empowered Allmoxy with unique insights, enabling it to offer differentiated value propositions to its customers.
  • Customer Experience Elevated: The modernized infrastructure afforded Allmoxy the agility to provide superior customization and interaction capabilities, enhancing the overall user experience.

About the Partner

11:59, an AWS Partner, specializes in aiding businesses like Allmoxy in their transition to the AWS cloud. Their expertise in migration, modernization, and AWS service implementation ensures clients achieve their strategic goals, leveraging cloud technology's full potential.

Getting Started

For businesses looking to harness cloud innovation and modernization, AWS and 11:59 represent a partnership that can transform technological landscapes and operational efficiencies. To explore how this collaboration can benefit your business, visit or reach out to Jack Larsen at


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April 22, 2024
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