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Welcome back to our Employee Experience Interview Series! Today, we highlight the insights of Brad Sheridan, our Vice President of Data Analytics. With over 25 years in data management, Brad has played a key role in expanding 11:59’s horizons in terms of skills and new clients. Attracted by the promise of opportunity and the company's commitment to cutting-edge solutions, Brad has since immersed himself in a work environment he describes as "contagious," driven by innovation and collaboration. This post will dive into Brad's notable achievements, his perspective on the company's leadership and culture, and the growth opportunities that have enriched his tenure. Discover Brad's journey and understand why he sees 11:59 as the most rewarding place he’s ever been a part of.

What initially attracted you to work at this company, and what has made you stay?

The answer to both of those questions is simple: the opportunity and possibilities! The company founders have made a commitment to transforming the company with the goal of providing the most modern, cutting-edge solutions for our clients to make them successful in their respective industries. This is evident in the leadership team that has been assembled, the focus on collaboration and inclusivity, and an insatiable appetite to innovate.

How would you describe the company culture and work environment?

I would describe the culture and work environment of 11:59 as contagious. From the time a candidate interviews, until they join the organization, they realize that the culture is truly something special. Employees are encouraged to think big and to push the boundaries of what is possible. They are also encouraged to work together and to share their ideas. In addition, 11:59 is committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome and respected, regardless of their background or identity. I often joke that we are a 20-year-old start-up, often wearing many hats daily, but the culture and daily work environment trump even the craziest of days. :)

What opportunities for growth and development have you had within the company?

Probably too many to list, but I've been able to apply my 26 years of experience to industries I've never gotten to work in, I've been able to grow my skills around proposal management, and best of all I've been able to apply cutting edge technology to my existing skill set to deliver game-changing solutions to my clients.

Any notable achievements or experiences during your time here that you're particularly proud of?

Without a doubt, being able to help a state public health department modernize their data landscape by reducing manual steps, enriching data, and providing data insights they either weren't able to do on their own or didn't even know were possible to achieve. Sure, reducing their infrastructure costs and time to insights is great, but helping them understand data gravity to develop new products/services and provide additional insight is something I'm particularly proud of.

How would you describe the leadership style and management support within the organization?

Perhaps it's the abilities of our amazing recruiting team or that we're just lucky, but everyone that has joined the leadership team has the same focus, drive, and commitment to both 11:59's growth and our clients' success. Leaders are supportive of their employees and encourage them to take ownership of their work, and open to feedback and suggestions as well. In terms of support, we've put in place this year alone a mentorship program, several employee resource groups, and several training and development programs, all of which have been positively received by everyone.

Is there anything else about your experience at 11:59 that you'd like to highlight

11:59 has been the most rewarding place I've ever had the opportunity to be part of. Working on challenging projects and providing innovative solutions to help public sector organizations fulfill their mission, being surrounded by talented and passionate colleagues, and simply being a values-driven organization (Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation, Passion) are things I have the privilege of experiencing day after day.




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October 20, 2023
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