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At 11:59, our vision has always been about pushing boundaries. Just as we unlock our clients' potential by harnessing future-friendly tech while contemplating tomorrow's innovations, we're also looking inward, evolving our capabilities.  

The heart of a business isn't defined by its years but by its evolutions. To put things into perspective, most companies never see the dawn of their second year, let alone two decades. That 11:59 stands tall today, celebrating this significant milestone, is not a mere feat—it's a testament.

Where It All Began  

Starting as an endeavor to unify varied systems in California for county-level data collection for alcohol and drug treatment programs, 11:59, led by our fearless founding trio—Chuck, Alex, and Hung—faced roadblocks at the get-go. In a public sector trade show, they unveiled M-OMS, an innovative (and early) Software-as-a-Service solution. But, as we've discovered, the labyrinth of the public sector often requires more than pure innovation—it demands intuition, patience, cooperation, the art of reading between lines, and the skill to navigate complex power dynamics. And our initial offering, M-OMS, required managing personalities, understanding of the pace of innovation acceptance, and a clear communication strategy —which we did not fully anticipate . (Filing this under: okay, it's time to pivot.)

Pivoting with Precision  

When one door closed, another opened into the vast realm of consulting; partnerships formed through dedication, relentless networking, and an unyielding spirit. With projects ranging from the Department of Transportation, State Lands, CDPH, and EDD, 11:59 began solidifying its industry presence and building credibility.  

Client-Centric Innovation   

At 11:59, we believe that innovation should be driven by our clients' needs. We were exploring the possibilities of AI before it became mainstream, and we continue to look for new ways to use technology to solve our clients' problems. But we don't employ tech for tech's sake; instead, we focus on building truly valuable solutions for our clients.  

Two Decades Later: What We've Learned  

The 20-year journey of 11:59 reaffirms our belief that it's not just about what we deliver but also our clients' experience. It's about the art of the possible—helping our clients achieve transformative change.  

In Conclusion  

20 years in, we remain committed to our philosophy, evolving with the times while staying grounded in our core values. With the art of the possible as our guide for future challenges and opportunities. Here's to two decades of pushing boundaries and many more to come! 

Alexa Davis
Post by Alexa Davis
October 6, 2023
Alexa Davis is the go-to communications person at 11:59. With her background in digital anthropology, she's passionate about understanding how tech and people mesh. Alexa's all about getting curious, asking questions, diving deep into the tech world, and then breaking it down into content that everyone following 11:59 can connect with. Basically, she takes the techy stuff and makes it relatable. Simple as that!