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SACRAMENTO, Calif.--()--As a forward-thinking consulting firm specializing in future-ready business and digital transformation solutions, 11:59 today announced a strategic partnership with Tungsten Automation, formerly Kofax, a recognized leader in intelligent automation solutions for digital transformation. This collaboration is set to facilitate the transformation of organizational processes.

11:59 specializes in empowering mid- to large-scale organizations across a spectrum of industries with custom digital and business transformation solutions. Their expertise in cloud computing, data management, automation, and applied AI positions the company to drive customer success by delivering modernization and a significant return on investment. This ensures seamless adoption and integration of advanced technologies.

“Tungsten Automation is the latest addition to our partner ecosystem. We will be leveraging our professional services, migration services, and GenAI expertise to build industry-specific solutions and use cases on top of Tungsten’s TotalAgility platform,” said Noel Gie, Chief Growth Officer of 11:59. “Along with supplying the right mix of resources, we are forging strategic partnerships to ensure the realization of this goal. Our relationship with Tungsten Automation enables us to provide clients with cutting-edge intelligent automation services and solutions, enhancing value to organizations engaged in digital and business transformation, ensuring they are ‘Ready for Tomorrow.’”

Jeff Hartnett, Sr. Vice President, AMS Sales at Tungsten Automation, commented on the partnership: “11:59's commitment to unlocking the full potential of their clients’ transformation initiatives, paired with our collective track record of customer success, underscores the pivotal impact our collaboration will have in enhancing organizational agility, cost efficiency, and operational excellence. Leveraging the latest release of our flagship platform, TotalAgility 8, 11:59 provides smart automation solutions for a wide range of customer needs.”

11:59’s collaboration with Tungsten Automation elevates the company’s ability to transform information-intensive processes, integrating AI-driven insights for improved efficiency, reduced manual work and errors, and enhanced customer engagement. Together, 11:59 and Tungsten Automation offer a comprehensive solution that accelerates time-to-value, drives growth and profitability, and strengthens business resiliency and compliance for customers.

About 11:59

11:59 is a consulting firm specializing in applied AI and the services, resources, and technology that enables the delivery and ongoing support of custom GenAI solutions. With a focus on rapidly solving real-world problems while driving positive business outcomes, the company leverages GenAI to build custom solutions in considerably less time and at a lower cost than traditional consulting engagements. For more information, visit

About Tungsten Automation

Tungsten Automation, formerly Kofax, is the global leader in intelligent workflow automation solutions with a trusted legacy of 40 years and 2,200 employees in 32 countries serving 25,000+ global customers. Our commitment to innovation and customer success has earned industry recognition, including being named a Leader in Intelligent Automation and Document Processing by Everest Group and Process Orchestration by Forrester. We help customers gain unprecedented efficiencies and reduced costs that propel their businesses into the future.


Mary Ludloff
Chief Marketing Officer

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March 13, 2024
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